What Your Horse Wants You to Know: A Clinic with Anna Blake, Kim Walnes and Andrea Datz in South Carolina

Not Your Normal Clinic

Three Days with:

Kim Walnes, Anna Blake and Andrea Datz

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

April 6, 7, 8  2018

Spiegel Farms, Campobello, South Carolina

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Horses are masters of the art of nonverbal communication. In this workshop we will learn to interpret subtle equine body language by honing our listening skills, become more aware and fluent in our own body language, and combine these skills to improve our relationship with horses, in and out of the saddle.

This is not your normal clinic.

Kim, Andrea and Anna, each dynamic teachers in their own right, together offer the rare opportunity for an intensive multi-dimensional learning experience. Workshops include:

  • Video and slideshow presentations that illustrate key concepts related to the ways horses and humans communicate with each other.
  • Demonstrations by instructors.
  • Hands-on skill development through exercises with each other and with horses.

A key feature of these workshops is the opportunity for each participant to actively participate in co-creating their experience with Kim, Anna and Andrea.

Linda Salinas photo 9-18-16Participants and their horses benefit from individualized attention from all three clinicians, working in collaboration for the wellbeing of the partnership. Participants without horses are coached in the many ways to listen and observe with compassion.  Kim, Anna and Andrea welcome active participation and questions, in order to meet the needs of individuals and the group.

Options for participation:

10 Participants with horses:        $675

14-20 Auditor Participants:         $375

There is no traditional non-participating auditor option for this workshop because so much of what you learn is based on developing your eye and feel. We want everyone there to feel involved in the process.

Contact Martha T. Foster for questions about venue or to register:


Anna, Kim and Andrea will each take the lead on one of the three days.

Friday – Anna – Horse body language

Saturday – Andrea – Human body language

Sunday – Kim – Connecting horse and human body language – the dance!

Each Morning:

Group meeting: A short video or demonstration illustrating the topic for the day – followed by group activities that include both horse and non-horse participants.

Each Afternoon: 

IMG_1105Semi-private lessons with the lead clinician for the day, with support from the other two clinicians as needed.  Auditor participants will be coached by the other two clinicians throughout the afternoon.

Throughout the weekend all participants are coached through exercises to help them develop their skills through interacting with their fellow participants, and will observing others.

More Information about Kim, Anna and Andrea and what they have planned:

calming cue (2)Friday:  Anna Blake: An Introduction to Calming Signals: what your horse is telling you.

Calming Signals: If you’re standing next to your horse and he looks away, do you think he’s distracted or even disrespectful? When your horse yawns, is he sleepy or bored? If he moves slowly, is he lazy? Calming signals are the body language a horse uses to communicate both positive and negative feelings; messages that horses have for us, if we listen. It’s an equine-focused approach to haltering, leading exercises, and your body language.

andrea-8401SaturdayAndrea Datz:  Body Awareness:  what we say to horses through our body language and movement.

Building on what Anna presented on day one we’ll be looking at improving our body awareness, becoming aware of the signals we are sending our horses.  How we move and carry ourselves is interpreted by our horses as our side of the conversation.  Their response is their side of the conversation.  Saturday we’ll learn how our posture, balance and movement impacts our horse’s ability to understand our requests or suggestions and touch on things that interfere with our horse’s ability to respond accurately even if we are doing everything right.

FL Clinic 2-16--With Top Gun 2 - Bo ReichSunday:   Kim Walnes Presentation: Communication between horse and rider – how we come together in partnership with this new awareness.

With more understanding of how we are constantly speaking to horses with our bodies, and of how horses are consistently giving us feedback and making requests, this third day will be about bringing our new awareness into “the dance” between us.  Ever wonder why your horse has certain resistances to your requests?  Here is your opportunity to feel what they feel, change habitual body protection and motion patterns in yourself, and come together in a new way.

About Kim Walnes:

Linda Salinas photo 2 9-18-16”I have been Blessed to have been trained both by challenging horses, and by some of the best in many fields of horsemanship.  I was largely self-taught until The Gray Goose and I became successful in international Three Day Eventing, when I then worked with top trainers in Eventing, Classical Dressage, and Show Jumping. My stallion, Gideon Goodheart, now continues my training on far deeper levels of instruction. Throughout my 54 years with horses I have done my best to listen to them, following my instincts to creatively find a way to work WITH them.  Because of my own learning differences and life experiences, I am passionate about learning styles, biomechanics, bodywork, rebuilding confidence, and life coaching in order to champion each and every person and their horse.”

Kim Walnes and her Eventing Hall of Fame horse, The Gray Goose, together won Rolex, Individual and Team Bronze World Championship Medals, and competed internationally for the US Eventing Team for six years.  They were also the doubles in the movie Sylvester, and alternates in the 1984 Olympics.  Kim now shares her experience, insights, and awarenesses through clinics, lessons, and long-distance sessions.  People have often called her lessons “life changing”.  More about Kim

About Anna Blake:


“Like so many of us, horses have always been at the center of my life. I marvel at their ability to hook our hearts so deeply and change our lives in the process. Lessons with me are firmly rooted in the principles of Dressage; training relaxed and forward gaits, responsiveness and balance for the horse and rider. I combine this with a special focus on listening to the natural language of the horse, for a partnership of confidence and pleasure. I take horses and riding very seriously, but I do it with humor and lightness because horses like happy riders.

–Anna Blake is a horse advocate, trainer, clinician, and award-winning author. She also writes the popular, yet unconventional AnnaBlakeBlog.com about horse training and farm life.  More about Anna

About Andrea Datz:


“I believe in the inherent value of all horses and want to see them whole and healthy in mind, body and spirit.  For ten years I took in horses with injuries and behavioral issues for which I was the last resort. I watched horse’s lives transformed as they were listened to and honored, allowed the time and care to heal on all levels.  Everyone can learn how to listen to their horse, how to do intuitive body work and how to let their horse guide them to remain sound and healthy. “

Through online courses, private lessons and workshops, Andrea Datz uses her extensive knowledge in body work, biomechanics, nutrition and the horse/human relationship, combined with creativity and intuition, to educate horse care-givers of all levels and disciplines in how to be an educated advocate for themselves and their horses. More about Andrea