What People are Saying

One on one lessons and rehab and Long Distance Sessions:

Jill S.

cici sunset

‘If you truly ache for an authentic relationship with your horse, Andrea Datz is the person to help you get there. It may sound super new-agey to be able to physically manipulate another being from a distance, but it really does work. Furthermore, Andrea is able to tap into the emotional, spiritual and psychological roots of your horse’s dis-ease, which are usually the reasons why they (and we)don’t heal. If you are willing and excited to take this inner journey with your equine partner, this work is outstanding.

Horses, fortunately, have no preconceived notions that prevent them from accepting healing work. The other morning, as I started to tack up my quarter horse, Red Cloud, he twisted his head around in a very odd way and stared at me. I quickly realized he was telling me he needed some help with his stuck neck. I palpated his body and got an idea of what was troubling him, and then asked Andrea to do the cranial sacral distance healing with him.   We checked him again a day after the session, and the bulk of the original problem had resolved.   I was very pleased with the physical results of her work, but more than that, I was exposed to/received an intimate understanding of how this horse feels and what he needs to stay healthy.

I have been working with Andrea since 2009, with several horses, and with a huge variety of horse health issues. She’s amazing. I’ve never met anyone who is so committed to her life’s work that she will search and search to find whatever there is out there that might help your horse. There is one caveat, however. The owner must really want to help his/her horse and themselves. This is a very personal method that requires a great deal of investment on the owners’ part as well, well beyond paying the bill. The opportunity it presents, however, is one you’ve been seeking all along and didn’t know it.’

Michelle B.:


‘I can’t think of anyone else who does what Andrea does, for both horses and riders. She teaches and trains entirely from the horses perspective and uses her vast knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and bodywork to teach balance, collection and harmony in a dialogue that is easy to understand and apply. Her available “tools” are endless… Andrea, quite simply, is a joy to know and work with.’

Tanya P.


I have known Andrea for years. We met when I was struggling mightily to find a way to work with my mare who had physical issues and trauma. Andrea’s methods helped me to be a partner in Magic’s journey to being healthy.

“Currently my horse, Finn, lives with Andrea’s herd, and in the two years I have been owned by (!) him, I’ve watched him go from a worried, shut down, yet reactive horse who did not respect boundaries, who had ulcers and was completely frantic about food, to a sweet, calm, willing partner who hurries up to me when I enter the pen, eager to see what we are working on that day. The philosophy of working with my horse like a dance partner resonates with me because the dominance-based training methods never felt right. I want a willing connection and dislike it in my own life when I am forced to follow without my consent. Thus the invitation, listening, and partnership, as well as the focus on physical health with bodywork, diet and targeted exercises, has worked wonders for Finn’s mind and way of moving. We have not hurried in his rehabilitation, but are working slowly on bringing him back into balance, body and soul. We have a ways to go, but it is a journey, and very worth taking the time. ”

Mary K.


Andrea, working with you to bring Walt out of his shell has been a challenging and rewarding journey and exploration. (I may well stumble into enlightenment on the way!) Your ongoing feedback and support has been key to “growing” a calm, consistent, present, and more confident “me” – all of which has strengthened my connection with and ability to understand Walt, and increased his trust in me. Your multiple-modalities toolbox and “what if” approach has been critical in making progress with Walt.”



‘Within the last year,  my mare developed some issues around taking and then riding in the bit. I have mostly only ridden her in a hackamore as in her previous life, the bit had not been her friend. Then, I wanted to start riding her with Jean Luc and needed her to be able to use a bit for his work. She was so crooked when we started working with JLC that it was hard to tell which part of her crookedness to work on first. After about a year or so, she was much straighter in her body but she would grab onto the bit, suck her tongue back into her throat and twist her head and neck in such a way that she could not even go straight or bend properly through her body. I tried all different kinds of bits and nothing seemed to make a difference. It finally got to the point that she refused to take the bit.

I was talking to Andrea about it and she asked if I would like her to do a session with her. Naturally, I said yes and what followed was so right on. When she was 4 years old, she had an unnecessary surgery which fused her 3-4 vertebrae. I was able to purchase her about 3 1/2 years after her surgery and immediately had a healer take the basket out of her neck and her neck began the healing process. However, the memories were still there and she showed Andrea that the bit reminded her of the tube that was put down her throat during surgery and how she kept gagging on it. It messed up her hyoid bone TMJ, jaw, poll and neck. Andrea was able to do some cranio sacral work on her which allowed her to release those memories that were no longer serving her and keeping her stuck in that old pattern. Although she is still processing and releasing, she is so much more relaxed and straighter in her body which also makes her much more comfortable, accepting and happy! This made so much sense to me. Thank you Andrea for this great work.’


‘Andrea has a Gift. She has helped Bini and me immensely in the last two days. If you ever feel at a loss to figure out your equine puzzle, please contact her.’

From Coaches and Mentors:

Kim Walnes:

‘I have known Andrea Datz for two decades now, and consider her a leader in the field of Post Traumatic Stress in horses and their humans. Her knowledge in all fields of riding, rehab, and training is extensive. I highly recommend her if you are searching for someone kind, compassionate, and truly helpful to give you guidance and insight with a horse who is tuned out, over-reactive, or has inconsistent behaviors. She works long distance as well as at her own place in CO.’

Crissi McDonald:

‘My friend Andrea Datz is up to some really great stuff! She is a compassionate, kind and hugely knowledgeable equine professional. If you have a horse who falls outside of what mainstream training can help, Andrea is a great resource to have as part of your team. See her website for more details!’

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