2020 Online Classes

Welcome to the Integrative Horsemanship and Tango with Horses!

I offer online courses that enhance your ability to understand what your horse is telling you, and build a base of practical knowledge to inform everything you do with your horses so that you can be the best advocate for your partnership.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Supporting people who live in isolated areas in rehabilitating their own horses, whether lameness or mental/emotional trauma.
  • Functional support in the physical development of horses who are aging or broken down where the primary goal is quality of life.
  • Helping horse owners build their own physical/mental and emotional abilities so they may do their own work with their horses with confidence and ease.
  • Providing guidance for anyone seeking their own path with horses that allows the horse to have a voice.


Huey exploring the idea of being playful

Huey exploring the idea of being playful

2020 Online Classroom Offerings

The Tango with Horses online classroom includes a growing library of courses that support people seeking their own unique, intuitive, gentle path with horses. Once you find your way, and feel your horse’s approval, you will never be plagued by doubts about your horsemanship again. Offers range from tight, intensive, short courses to monthly subscriptions for an ongoing, guided, immersive learning experience.

Current Active Courses:

Coming soon:

  • Awakening Your Intuition Modules 2 and 3 that focus more specifically on aspects of animal communication.
  • How to think like a homeopath
  • Building Functional Strength for doing bodywork and hoof care (tools for the human to maintain themselves and tools for farriers and body workers to help their equine clients get the most out of their interactions with you)

At the heart of all of this is learning to listen, to our horses and to our own heart.  A hallmark of truly effective horsemanship lies in embracing our unique voice as horse people. The confidence and peace that arise from owning our skill set and acting in ways true to ourselves translates to confident, peaceful partnerships with our horses. This is a class that supports each student to identify and develop their personal horsemanship style.

To learn more: The Tango with Horses Online Classroom

What participants are saying:

PastedGraphic-1“I first became aware of Andrea in late 2017 and I feel that I was ‘guided’ to find her website. Only in hind site, do I now come to think that it was some kind of divine intervention. I had just bought an 18 year old starved and physically abused Polish Arabian/Andalusian gelding for $50, a few months earlier. Horses hadn’t been in my life for decades, but this one, Panache, snagged my eye and I couldn’t stand by and watch him suffer any longer.

For the past two and a half years, Andrea has been there for us, helping Panache and I build up trust from ground zero. He has gone from uncatchable to a loveable, confident companion. I have been mentored to develop the tools that we need to have a solid relationship that weaves physical and emotional assessment, intuitive bodywork, clear conscious communication and so much more. I feel supported by Andrea and she is always available when questions or challenges pop up.

The most beautiful aspect of all of this is that the horses are respected for the sentient beings that they are. They get to have a voice. They get to say “no” without fear of reprisal. That’s when the conversation really gets interesting….

Andrea Datz is an experienced, professional and heart-centred horse advocate. I am filled with gratitude for the lessons learned and those yet to come.”

Mae Moore
Pender Island, BC



“I honestly do not know where I would be right now without your teaching support and help. It is priceless. But I never could have afforded all I have gained through you, so my horses and I are forever indebted to you.”

Alice B.



“It is with tears in my eyes and great happiness in my heart that I send this message to you. THANK YOU. FOR GIVING ME. The best feeling with my mare of trust, companionship, safe, content, peace. Had the most glorious day with her ever. Thanks for letting me know about Theresa also. Cat and I have found so much peace together. I know there will still be hard moments. BUT WE BOTH now have the tools, trust and relationship to get through the rough spots together.”

Judy C.

IMG_1293“Each day my horse friends, Scratch and Wamy and I, in our mutual connection and communication, share understanding, the freedom to be ourselves, the trust to allow others to do the same, and love. My horses know that I will give them a voice and listen to them. We enjoy being together!

Andrea Datz has made this possible for us by teaching me here at my Paonia, Colorado home, clinics at her facility and her computer Integrative horsemanship and On Line Courses.

I have found Andrea Datz to be an intuitive, caring, master teacher who always keeps the good of the horse and it’s person in mind. She is truly knowledgeable concerning the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of horses.

Andrea understands what horses are seeking in relationship with humans. Many times I have observed my own horses, those of clients, and her own herd quietly magnetically drawn to her.

I heartily recommend engaging Andrea Datz to work with anyone and their horses!”

Jean Hennen
August 17, 2019

To learn more: The Tango with Horses Online Classroom