2019 Online Class

Welcome to the Integrative Horsemanship and Tango with Horses Online Immersion.

You are about to embark on a journey into what may be unfamiliar territory.  If we let them, horses are our best guides to access what James Hillman referred to as, ‘recovering the response of the heart to what is presented to the senses.’

Horses connect with the world around them and communicate through subtle means.  Together we step into their world and learn what it feels like to be in direct communication with each other and the world around us. With our horse’s help we’ll explore what it feels like to share movement as a way to communicate, connect and thrive!

Huey exploring the idea of being playful

Huey exploring the idea of being playful

2019 Series:  Beyond Body Language and Tango with Horses

This is an online class that is designed as a guided, but self-paced immersive experience. Course content consists of written material in the form of a downloadable, printable manual, audio recordings of written material with elaborations appropriate to the group, and video demonstrations relevant to class discussions. Students may choose to work on their own, participate in group discussions via a private Facebook group, or privately with me via email, phone or video conferencing. I work hard to make the experience work for the individual.

Some of our topics include:

  • How our body language influences our ability to connect and communicate with horses.
  • Learn how to expand your awareness and engage your senses to guide you, finding your own way with horses.
  • Where does movement come from? How do we initiate movement in ourselves and in our horses?
  • What are the qualities that make us magnetic leaders that horses follow willingly?
  • Learn about the things that disrupt our ability to move together in harmony and how to resolve them.

At the heart of all of this is learning to listen, to our horses and to our own heart.  A hallmark of truly effective horsemanship lies in embracing our unique voice as horse people. The confidence and peace that arise from owning our skill set and acting in ways true to ourselves translates to confident, peaceful partnerships with our horses. This is a class that supports each student to identify and develop their personal horsemanship style.

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