2017 Online Coaching Series


There are countless incredible opportunities to learn about working with horses in online formats.

How do you choose? How do you know which course will give you what you most need?

This question of how do you choose is at the heart of what these courses are about. Most of us ask some variation of this question in relation to our horses all the time! How do we know if what we are doing is working for our horse? The answer to that question is simple enough, we ask our horse. In this class you will learn how to reacquaint yourself with your innate ability to be in direct communication with your horse.

Diane C: “The changes in my presence and connection to Star and all of life have been profound. I’m feeling so thankful for all of you and especially for Andrea and your amazing guidance and support on this journey!
May the dance continue with delight and grace.”

  • Learn to be grounded in a way that allows you to connect to others, rather than to separate and protect yourself from others.
  • Develop self-awareness around being fully embodied. This is how we develop and make use of our capacity to feel and interpret deeper meanings.
  • Learn how to engage in self-inquiry: understanding how to work with bodily sensations and emotions as information and communication.
  • Empathic overwhelm and understanding why we feel what we feel.
  • Become conscious of what is being communicated through body language and beyond.
  • Chronic stress and PTSD influence our nervous system and impact our ability to connect and communicate.  How do we recognize these issues are present and resolve them?
  • Self-care and self-healing practices: practical tools that can become daily practice to feed yourself first so that you can be more available for others.
  • Learn how to receive insight, inspiration, or what some might call divine guidance in what you do with your horse: practices for being open to the possibilities that go beyond our current knowledge.

We live in an unprecedented time for horses. Finally, enough evidence has come to light that even scientists are willing to acknowledge, all beings (even plants) are sentient, intelligent, experience emotions, have social structures and even form communities. These are qualities long reserved only for humankind and maybe primates and some birds. Of course those of us who spend our lives in the company of horses knew this all along. I’m sure I’m not alone in planting my face in my palm and saying “well, duh,” every time a new ‘study’ arrives on the scene proving another level of complexity in how horses think, feel and experience the world.

As all this ‘new’ information comes to light, many question how this changes our responsibility to the non-human animals we share our lives with. In the horse world there is now a morass of often violently conflicting information about what is and is not ethical in regards to what we do or don’t do with our horses. I have watched the ‘industry’ change dramatically in the 25+ years I have been an equine professional. It’s a great relief to see things moving in the direction I always tended anyway. However, at times it has been enormously stressful to figure out how to earn a living working with horses and still feel good about what I’m doing. I need to feel as though I’m operating with integrity.

It’s been a long journey, fraught with confusion, disillusionment, frustration, heartache and more.   I’ve been fortunate to find coaches and guides over the years who had a more compassionate bent from the outset, but found it never worked to try to be like someone else. Ultimately I have found my way by learning to listen to the horses and letting them guide me to what works for them. Every horse and every human is unique. The tasks are to find what works for us as individuals and what helps us come together in harmony and with ease. These courses provide a safe container to form a community of fellow seekers; I hope you’ll join us!

The Foundations of Perception and Working with Resonance Short Course:

July 17 – August 13, 2017

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Registration closes Sunday July 16th!

Topics for this short course:

Week 1:  The importance of self care.

  • Discover your internal and external resources and how self care impacts your nervous system.
  • A nervous system tutorial: how our nervous system gathers information that informs our decision. Includes discussion of basic survival needs.
  • How our health and well being impacts our relationship with our horses.

Week 2:  Expanding our Sensory Awareness.

  • Learning to expand our awareness to include multiple senses so we perceive the world more like our horse’s do.
  • Understanding how to take in information on a multi-sensory basis as the foundation for direct communication with all of life.
  • Practices for managing various types of overwhelm that might be experienced when we open ourselves to feeling more.

Week 3: Expanding our Sensory Awareness with our Horses:

  • Expanding our abilities to perceive communication from our horses beyond body language.
  • Isolating our senses to gather specific information and insights from our horses.
  • Taking our sensory awareness into the beginnings of posture, balance and movement as part of our sensory experience.

Week 4: Resonance and working with the Heart as an Organ of Perception:

  • Understanding our innate capacity to feel what other beings feel.
  • How feeling what others feel becomes the primary mode of communication
  • Making use of resonance as a way to facilitate healing.

The first three weeks lay the ground work for understanding resonance. I believe that what I’m calling resonance is a key “missing link” in most of our interactions with horses. Horses naturally communicate by sharing how they feel, on a multi-sensory level. If we can learn to receive that level of communication we have access to immediate, accurate, unassailable insights into our horses needs.

Course Structure:

Each session will consist of a weekly email filled with information and explorations focused on helping us access our own health, strength and resources as a priority. Next, we’ll take these explorations into learning to recognize what our horses are communicating with us. Finally, we will utilize this new awareness in our interactions with our horses, doing whatever we do with them anyway.

We will learn how to engage in activities with our horses that are mutually agreed upon, mutually enjoyable and mutually sustainable through engaging in practices that bring us back to ourselves. The support of the practices and the community we form helps us keep coming back to that place of knowing that is unassailable. Now we can have the relationship with our horse that is uniquely ours, free of inner conflict based on the opinions of others.

The herd and I are excited to share our perspective with all of you!

Here’s a small taste of what you can expect from one of the current immersion students:

From Dee:
“Ápropos of your question re internal and external resources I have to say that (entirely unbeknownst to me) my internal resources have grown and flourished since the outset of the course and all of our initial discussions around that question.

My private mail to you about Our Loading Triumph (fist pump!)- share if you feel it would be of any interest or help- showed me how much things have changed for me and the herd. The entire way in which I relate to them is very different now.

When we’re quietly together, doing or (mostly) Not Doing (an Art in itself lol) that ‘stuttery’ quality of constantly having to consider “who’s where, who’s doing what to whom?”, “what should be happening?”, “what might happen?” and “what this or that means?” has completely disappeared.

Now I can be with them very peacefully, very aware of them (and they returning the compliment by being very aware of where my ridiculous puny human body is lol) and feel absolutely included and embraced in that ‘elastic’ push and pull of their and my energy. It just seems to ebb and flow- and their guarded expectations of what I might want with them or of them have pretty much fallen away. It’s like being in a Big Moving Meditation. The privilege gets me every time❤️

The downside of this (as the saying goes “into each life a little rain must fall”) is that it’s fairly addictive. A careless foray outside to the compost bin with kitchen waste in the middle of dinner preps can unfortunately result in a 20 minute diversion to the paddock to …. step into their bubble. I’m mainlining Horse Calmness😂😂. My family may have to stage an intervention shortly lol. So, in summation, it is THE coolest thing and I’d be jumping up and down …..except I’m too Zen.


$190 for four-week mini-course:

Participants will receive an e-mail every Monday morning for four weeks beginning July 17th. The e-mail will contain written material, video and audio (where appropriate) to support that week’s lesson, along with a list of resources for continuing your own exploration into the topics covered. You’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can interact with other students and I’ll be available to answer questions and engage in discussions for the duration of the course. Once the course ends you’ll retain access to all the material forever and be invited to join the private, alumni Facebook group.

$355 if you want to take this as a pre-cursor to jumping into the current year-long immersion program:
Consider this your pre-requisite to join the class that’s already running. Upon completion of the short course you’ll be invited to join the new session of the 2017 Online Coaching program, gaining access to extensive archives and an amazing group of fellow participants as we continue to take these skills into practice with our horses. The last two sessions for the year are 12 weeks each and focus on partnering skills, movement, balance, and posture. You’ll have access to the entire course contents for life! And qualify for a discount should you want to continue with us into next year’s program.

FREE review for current students of the 2017 program. We’d love to have you bring your experience to the group should you wish to join us!

Registration deadline Sunday July 16th

2017 Online Coaching Series: year long immersion:
* This course has been ongoing since mid-January. It is still possible to enroll, but you must participate in the short course on July 17th in order to jump in.

The course will consist of 15 2-week sessions with one week in between sessions for integration time. Participants will be invited to join an online forum where explorations and information for each session will be posted on the first day of the session. The forum then provides a central place for the posting/sharing of thoughts, questions and ideas among participants and myself. This is not a live-chat course, it’s intentionally designed so that you can go at your own pace, digesting only what feels nourishing for you in the moment. The content of the course will be available in the form of a printed or downloadable workbook that encompasses the entire year.

My goal for this series is to provide explorations that feel supportive and nourishing, no stress and no pressure. Participants are encouraged to follow their intuition and listen to their body’s feedback throughout, only joining in on what resonates with them and only taking in an amount of information that is supportive.

Each session will consist of information and explorations focused on helping us access our own health, strength and resources as a priority. Next, we’ll take these explorations into learning to recognize what our horses are communicating with us. Finally, we will utilize this new awareness in our interactions with our horses, doing whatever we do with them anyway.

We will learn how to engage in activities with our horses that are mutually agreed upon, mutually enjoyable and mutually sustainable through engaging in practices that bring us back to ourselves. The support of the practices and the community we form helps us keep coming back to that place of knowing that is unassailable. Now we can have the relationship with our horse that is uniquely ours, free of inner conflict based on the opinions of others.

The herd and I are excited to share our perspective with all of you!       Andrea


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This year there will be 15 two-week sessions with one week in between for integration of practices, beginning with a FREE introduction on January 10th.

The first week of each series will combine provide study materials to further your knowledge base as we engage in practices designed to help us build our personal skills and awareness.  The second week will focus on how we take those skills to interactions with our horses.  Each series will consist of weekly discussions and assignments focused on developing our awareness and practical skills via documents, articles, photos, and video.  Participants can post pictures and video of their own horses for discussion as well.  What makes this coaching unique is that we will be discussing a way to live our lives with horses, not just horses that are already sound and easy to get along with, but horses that are on layup, horses that aren’t sound, horses that are retired from riding, that have behavioral challenges or even PTSD.

You don’t have to be a rider to do this series but if you are a rider you will learn a huge set of skills that will enhance your knowledge base and improve your relationship with your horse in ways you cannot imagine.

The series is intentionally designed so that you can benefit even if you are out of town for chunks of time. You’ll have access to all the information and transcripts of conversations during the entire series so don’t let travel plans stop you! I am also happy to schedule make up group chat sessions if there are a number of folks absent.  This is not a live chat situation, it’s structured more like a private forum.

The herd and I are excited to share our perspective with all of you!       Andrea

2017 Series Content:

Communication and Connection:

The entire series will focus on the wide variety of avenues for communication and connection from touch, to animal communication, to movement.  The goal is to provide participants with a solid foundation in skills and awareness designed to enhance your relationship with your horses, building confidence in your instincts, intuition, creative problem solving ability and most importantly, to listen to your horse and allow them to guide you.

Course Outline and Dates:

The course is divided into five parts. Each part will consist of two or more two-week sessions containing multiple topics, with one session building on the previous to deepen and refine our skills in each area.

Life with horses is not a linear activity. This is a map to give you some idea where we are headed. However, the topics will necessarily overlap pretty much constantly; we aren’t going to want to wait until October to talk about dealing with bringing up our horse’s energy safely, for example. And yet, there are certain things that are helpful to embody before we delve into bringing energy up. Where we focus our attention is guided by the group heart and what is most useful to participants. The more actively you engage with the material the more likely it is we will end up focusing on things that matter to you.

This course is designed to support you at whatever level you are, doing whatever you are doing with your horses. It’s meant to enhance and refine what we are already doing rather than replace it.  This means there is something for everyone at any level of experience, on any path you happen to be on with your horse right now.

Part 1:

Finding the Health – coming into relationship with the bedrock of what is already working for us, already available:  embodiment, self-care and meeting survival needs as the basis for healthy interaction with our horses and the world around us.

January 10 – 24 – FREE Introduction

January 27 – February 10

February 17 – March 3

Topics will include:

Finding our common ground: the things we have in common with horses and all life

Nervous system form and function: the physiology we share with our horses

How a healthy being processes stress or trauma, both acute and chronic

What it means to be in a body: the physiology of survival in horse and human, basic survival needs and gathering information from our environment

Resources: identify the things we already have that support us and help us to be resilient to stress and trauma

Self-care: the importance of taking care of ourselves first (in the event of an emergency please put on your own air mask before assisting others)

Part 2:

Gathering Information – interpretation, observation, creating a vocabulary of meaning for what we feel and see

March 10 – 24

March 31 – April 14

April 21 – May 5

Topics will include:

Consciousness: the quality of our presence, becoming aware of how we impact our environment and those in it

Active Listening: accessing what Hugh Milne referred to as ‘the heart of listening’, the place of peace from which we can access deeper meanings

Observation: observing ourselves and our horses in a wide variety of circumstances to gain better understanding of what motivates us, what motivates them and how we influence their behavior and motivation

The power of touch to communicate and provide us with information

Part 3:

Resonance, mirroring, entrainment and empathy–listening with all of ourselves

May 12 – 26

June 2 – 16

June 23 – July 7

Topics will include:

Being in direct communication with the horses, ourselves and our environment

Interspecies communication

Resonance or entrainment as a way to gather accurate/immediate information

Working with resonance/entrainment without getting lost in it

Empathic overwhelm and the desire to protect ourselves from what we feel

Part 4:

Body Language – posture – how we communicate unconsciously via how we carry ourselves and move

August 14 – 27

August Sept 4 – 17

September 25 – Oct. 8

Topics will include:

Posture: what your posture says about how you feel

Movement: how do you move and how does this feel/influence your horse

How posture and movement influence desire and motivation in our horses

Dealing with internal conflict and sending mixed signals

Recognize the subtle differences between things like relaxation and dissociation

Part 5: Dynamic listening, dynamic stillness and dynamic movement – engaging with horses is a dynamic activity

October 23 – Nov. 5

November 6 – 19

November 27 – Dec. 11

Topics will include:

Engaging with our horses comfortably, with energy and enthusiasm

Recognizing when our horse is enthusiastic and when they are angry and frustrated; it can be a fine line

Maintaining the ability to feel and listen while engaged in activities and during stressful or challenging situations

Creativity and dialogue

Working with resistance

Matching energy


Detailed descriptions for each session will be posted during the week before the session begins. To stay up to date make sure you find me on FB, subscribe to my blog or my newsletter. If you are involved in the entire year you will be notified via the online forum.


Sign up for the whole year in advance:   $ 355.00

Or make 5 payments of $70.00 at the beginning of each session.

If you paid to participate in the 2016 series you qualify for discounts on any portion of the course you participate in in 2017!  Contact Andrea to find out more.

Feel free to contact Andrea with any questions or to register:
ardatz@acsol.net  or 970-640-9880