The Calm in the Storm

Rainbow 1

Feel my feet on the ground.

Feel my feet solidly beneath my center of gravity.

Move from a place of peace.

How easy it is to get in a hurry, to rush through one task, and the next. So much to do, my shoulders tighten up around my ears, pulling me out of my feet. Leaning into each task as though pushing and pulling makes anything go faster. Expending useless energy attempting to move mountains…

Pace myself.

All of life has a rhythm. Find mine. Feel how my rhythm might blend with the rhythms of everything around me. There is a pace allowing for efficiency without resistance. No more leaning into the task at hand. Stand tall, shoulders drop their weight back into my feet, where it belongs.

Even simple tasks like pulling the feed wagon flow, or resist, depending on my pacing. Start out too fast and the whole wagon lurches behind me, as though it has brakes. Now I have to lean into it to get it moving, dragging it reluctantly behind me. Take a moment to breathe. Feel my feet on the ground. Stretch tall. Wait to feel the wagon begin to move with me, and it might as well move itself for the ease. The wagon and I move together.

Even the air seems to resist when I rush, slamming into it rather than allowing it to part before me. How rude am I?

The horses brook no quarter when it comes to my rushing. Just try to push or pull them, and then I really know what it means to try and move a mountain! Feel my feet on the ground, just beneath my center of gravity. Remain calm, even if I want us to move quickly. Especially if I want us to move quickly! When I get it right my horse flows like a wave before me. Get it wrong and I might as well walk into a brick wall. They will not be pushed.

Practice pacing everywhere, especially when days are full to overflowing, and I feel my shoulders up around my ears, feeling myself push into the yoke, ready to pull. Breathe instead. Feel my feet on the ground, solidly beneath my center of gravity, connected to the Earth and moving me at the perfect pace of ease.

Feel your feet

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