Moving into the New Year

Sunset NYE 2018 2

Feeding horses while the sun sets on 2018, and I’ll be feeding horses as the sun rises on 2019. Taking photos of the horses with icicle manes in the chilly last light of the last day of the year, pondering the shifting of time, the movement of one year to the next. This deep winter is the best time to get all quiet, to reflect on blessings past and those on the horizon.

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As we gently roll into a frosty New Year, remember that stillness is a movement too.  Be still long enough to feel all the tiny places holding tension melt, release their burdens and let go. Long enough to let your mind rest and feel the weight of your bones.

Breathe.  Feel how your breath moves you. Not just your lungs, not just your chest or your belly, but all of you. Allow this breath initiated movement to expand, maybe your breath moves your head and neck, or lifts an arm. Luxuriate in feeling your body move as it wants to, improvise, let go of expectations. Allow spontaneous movement to flow through you.


Horses love stillness too. Touch your horse and breathe. Feel how much movement there is in the still space between the two of you. Let your breath move the both of you. Notice how alive and awake your senses are when you get this quiet together. What do you smell? What do you taste? What do you feel? What do you see? What do you hear?

Many good wishes for the coming year.

May it be filled with the joy of awareness, the childlike wonder of awakened senses and the magic of expanded insight.  Join me in moving into this new year full of wonder at the possibilities!

My heartfelt thanks to all the incredible beings who made 2018 one of the most remarkable years of my life, can’t wait to see where our journey takes us in 2019!

Last light NYE 2018

6 thoughts on “Moving into the New Year

  1. Love you. Love your wisdom and insight. Love the wonderful way you have about you to convey it and share. I so very much appreciate the freedom to learn in a safe space. No judgement, no question too small. And I love that you learn along with us.

    Happy New Year. Wishing you and yours all the very best.

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