Giving Thanks


Thank you Susan White for this fabulous image. And thank you for all the amazing things you contribute to my world!

My heart is full. Glowing with the light you all share with me each and every day. I feel blessed to have met old friends for the first time, made new friends, both two and four legged. Your openness, your willingness to embrace me and my new way of connecting and communicating with horses feeds me in ways I can’t quantify with words. I literally cannot do what I do without your support. I love our growing community and feel blessed by your presence in it each and every day.

You know how people talk about the family you’re born with and the family you choose. The family I chose has always been my animals, plants, trees, nature, the mountains, the desert. This is the family that sustains me through the endless joy and peace they offer. This family is my muse, fueling my passion for the work I do by asking me to go deeper every single day. I give thanks to my horse family in particular for helping me find myself with their compassionate guidance. There are no words to describe how much it means to me to feel their presence lighting my way long after the old guard leave this physical world. We are always connected. The teaching is ongoing.

The family I was born with – well, they are a blessing beyond words. My immediate family is small and close. I’m grateful for a brother and sister I can always count on. A Mother and Father who have always supported me in all the crazy ideas I’ve ever come up with. Your immediate family are the only people in the world you share a lifetime of experiences with. This bond of common experience endures whether you talk every day or not. No matter where you are in relation to one another, no matter if your relationship is rocky or smooth. Nothing can replace that.

In my small household family of two cats and a husband I am also blessed. Steve and I have spent half our lives together. He is my rock. Solid as the day is long. Whatever forces intervened to help us meet – thank you. I couldn’t do this life without him.

Thank you to all of you for being part of my extended family.

And have a blessed day of gratitude!

With love

Andrea and the herd at Restoration Ranch

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