Movement is Life

Tango with Horses

I love to watch life in motion!

“Nothing is more revealing than movement.” Martha Graham

Movement fascinates me.

It always has.

“Movement practice gets all your creative juices flowing. It doesn’t just release your body, but it opens up your heart and empties out your mind as well.”  Gabrielle Roth

My fascination runs deepest when it comes to how movement is shared. How do flocks of birds, herds of horses and schools of fish seamlessly flow together with such harmony? How do we recreate such harmony when we make a conscious choice to share movement with another person or a horse?

Where does shared movement come from?

Sometimes we move together randomly: pushing, shoving, wrestling, in conflict or play.

Sometimes we move together in harmony, sharing movement that is fluid, graceful, consensual and healing. When we really connect and flow with another being it drops us into present moment awareness…

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